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Past Grant Examples

  • PRIMARY SOURCE program - education for global understanding. Promote history/humanities by connecting educators with cultures around the world. Provides summer institute and classroom resources throughout the year.

  • Amazon River/Earthwatch Studies and Trip

  • Music Technology Laboratory: contribution for the final installment to complete recording studio

  • Mindfulness - Teaching and using mindfulness techniques in the classroom

  • Montessori Methods in Public Schools​

  • French Immersion methods for enhanced classroom immersion instruction

  • Summer GeoCamp at Iceland Institute: Studies on World Climate Change

  • Quiet Courtyard at Holliston High School: a space for the restoration of a peaceful mind and spirit.

  • Teaching Teens Compassion: “The Self-Compassionate Teen, Mindfulness & Compassion Skills to Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice,” a book for all High School Freshmen in 2022.

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